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Project 1

Kitchen Waste Recycling

This is the first part of the "COPO WORLD ". 

In this project, the designer designed a more efficient experience of recycling food waste. In addition, to better promote this experience, the designer created a waste disposal bin. The project demonstrates what this new experience can bring to residents and integrate into their lifestyles.


1 UX Designer


All Work


Feb. 2022 - May 2022


Rhinoceros, Keyshot



Key Objective

In China, because of the government's promotion, almost everyone is able to correctly sort the garbage, but there are still some problems in the process of garbage disposal. Due to the special nature of kitchen waste, the recycling of kitchen waste is still a problem. Also, how to motivate residents to sort the garbage is also a problem that the government is currently encountering.

  • Realize kitchen waste recycling and disposing.

  • Motivate residents to continue waste separation.


Current Kitchen Waste Disposal Process in China

  • Most people will not separate oil and water, and pour them down the drain.

  • There's a bad smell at the community garbage recycling point, because people may accidentally dump the garbage on the ground.

  • It's difficult to do pretreat at city garbage transfer station. It's only used for temporary storage.

  • Garbage needs to be transferred in many places and the process is complicated.

Competitor Analysis of City Garbage Transfer Station

Wire Packing

Mechanical Grab


Conveyor Belt

Design Interval

Directly Into






Garbage Quality



Community Garbage Recycling Point Staff

"The environment of the collection point is very hash, and the kitchen waste dumped full of ground. Really bad smell!"

"The community garbage collection point is only open for two hours every day, it is not convenient for residents to throw the garbage."

"I'm very happy that almost all residents can do a correct sorting of kitchen waste."

"I will drive the garbage truck to the city transfer garbage station later, and the garbage will be sent to the plant at last. The environment at the transfer station is even harsher."

Deaign - Persona & User Journey Map





“Sorting garbage is troublesome.”

“I can take a walk on the way to the point.”

“The recycle point really smells bad.”

“I feel that the environment has been destroyed.”

“I need to go home and wash my hands.”

Chen is tired of sorting garbage because he sometimes doesn‘t know the how to do.

Liquid from food waste may leak out of the garbage bag.

The community garbage dump only opens from 6p.m. to 7p.m everyday.

The ground is full of garbage, and there’s a terrible smell here.

The whole experience makes Chen feel bad.

Community Garbage Recycling Point Staff



“I only need to work for one hour!”

“All the people can do a correct sorting!”

“It's bulky, cumbersome, dirty and smelly.”

“The car is too small. The food waste smells bad.”

“I hate moving garbage around!”


Sometimes Asan needs to clean up or carry garbage bin in advance.

There are too many residents here, Asan and his colleagues will be too busy.

Food waste smells bad, especially in the summer, and can make Asan feel disgusting.

Everywhere the car drove was the stinking nothing of food waste.

The station's environment is bad, and most of it is due to food waste.


Residents' needs

  • Make home more tidy.

  • Get some benefits in garbage collection.

  • Have fun when doing garbage collection.

Society's needs

  • Realize garbage utilization.

  • Reduce the government’s capital investment.

  • Encourage more people to sort the garbage correctly.

Staffs' needs

  • ​Have a good working environment.

  • Reduce waste shipping steps to reduce their workload.

  • Have more time to help residents to do garbage sorting.

Community's needs

  • Make the community's environment better.

  • Ensure all residents have a higher quality of life.

  • Have some meaningful activities in the community.

How can we make the process of kitchen waste disposal more efficient and integrate into residents' lifestyle?

Experience Design

Kitchen Waste Disposal and Recycling Flow

Design Target

  • Improve the recycling of kitchen waste and realize the circulation of kitchen waste in the community.

  • Kitchen waste is produced by people, and can be benefit for the community and people themselves.

Group 1500.png

Produce Kitchen Waste

Garbage Classification

Reach the Community Garbage Recycling Point

Pour into the Disposal Bin

Get Points



Use Points

Eat Organic Vegetables

Redeem For Organic Vegetables

Redeem For Products

Use the Product

Produce Fertilizer

Group 1499.png

Points Using Ways

Disposal Bin’s flow

Residents‘ Journey Flow


Lower Moisture

Product Design -- COPO Bin

Kitchen Waste Disposal Bin


Solar Panels

The disposal bin don't need to be linked to a power source for use, because the solar panels can store an abundance of electricity.

The door will open automatically when people approach. This is more convenient and prevents hands from getting dirty.

Induction Door

After the compost bin is filled, the staff adds the bacterial liquid and places it elsewhere with the lid on. Then the staff will reposition an empty composter at the bottom of the bin.


The auger pushes the waste pieces from a large space into a narrower space, which squeezes out the water.

Screw Press

Why Choose COPO Bin?

Time Saving

Common composting takes 30-40 days, while we take only 4-5 h.

Less loss

Lower moisture before composting to reduce losses

 High Quality

Composting with bacteria liquid

to improve quality

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