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Project 2

Urban Composting helps people

This is the second part of the "COPO WORLD ". 

In this project, the designer the nonprofit experience which benefit three groups of people, the farmers in the village, the residents in the community and the community management. Also, to better promote this experience, the designer design an APP upon the COPO bin and the experience. For this project, the designer used her hometown, Suzhou, as the background city for the design.


1 UX Designer


All Work


Jan. 2023 - Mar. 2023





Key Objective

In China, different localities face different soil problems, and all of them lead to serious consequences. The designer's hometown Suzhou, despite being an affluent city, still faces soil nutrient imbalance problems.

  • Enhancing soil nutrients with a small amount of money.

  • Be helpful to the community, residents, farmers and government.

  • Better use the COPO bin


Family farm owner

"Most of us prefer chemical fertilizer because of its cheap price. And too much chemical fertilizer will lower the quality of the produce."

"We grow different kinds of crops in different seasons."


Chemical fertilizer VS organic fertilizer

Chemical fertilizer​

  • The price is cheap.

  • It may damage to soil and even crops due to unbalanced nutrient structure.

Organic fertilizer

  • The price is more expensive.

  • It is healthy, and make the soil fertile and improve the quality of crops

How to encourage farmers to use organic fertilizers to improve the quality of vegetables?



User Journey Map

UI Design -- COPO

Main Page

  • Get information about latest events

  • Read articles about composting and plants

  • Foundation functions

Bin Page

  • Get the way to the nearest disposal bin

  • Know when the disposal process will be done

Wallet Page

  • Know the balence of the points wallet

  • The billing history

  • Redeem some vegetables, plants and tools

Profile Page

Apple Wallet Page

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