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Project 3

Community Farm Business

This is the second part of the "COPO WORLD ". 

Community supported agriculture is more common in the United States. However, it is rarely known in China. In this project, the designer combined community supported agriculture with the COPO experience to design a community farm model more suitable for Chinese residents.


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Mar. 2023 - Mar. 2023





Key Objective

People want to eat healthy, but in China, the price of healthy organic food is 3-5 times higher than regular food, and many people can't afford the high price. How can people eat organic food that is healthy and of guaranteed quality?

Everyone can get organic vegetables in a low price



In the United States, 6% of the planting land is planted with organic vegetables, but in China, there are only 0.3%.

Views on the Chinese organic food market

  • Less variety of organic food —— 60%

  • Questioning whether it is REAL ORGANIC —— 22.5%

  • Food safety is not guaranteed —— 17.5%

  • Too expensive —— 52.5%

Why organic food is experience?

High requirement on planting

  • Soil: no chemical fertilizers have been used within three years, no environmental problems

  • Seeds: from nature

  • Product: no contamination from production to sale

  • System: have a set of quality control and tracking review system in the whole process of production or processing

High cost and low efficiency

  • Fertilizers: no chemical fertilizers, but organic fertilizers is expensive

  • Less production: no pesticides and chemical fertilizers, a long period for natural growth


Resident 1

"The price of organic food is 3-5 times higher than ordinary food."

"Sometimes I don’t know clearly about what is good about organic food, but I still want to eat healthier."

Resident 2

"The supermarket below my house does not sell organic food at all. I don't think the government cares about the promotion of organic food.

"I occasionally go to an organic food supermarket. The prices there are so expensive that I can't afford to buy them."

How can people get organic vegetables in a low price?



Journey Map

Experience Flow

Pay money

Pay work

Pay money

Pay money

Pay money

Get vegetables

Get vegetables

Get vegetables

Get vegetables

Get vegetables

  • People who contribute to community composting are allowed to partner with others to create community farms and are only allowed to join a community farm when they reach a certain amount of composting points.

  • Those who pay for their time pay no extra money and can share their vegetables with other members of the community farm.

UI Design -- COPO FARM

Farm Page

  • Get information about latest events

  • Foundation functions

  • Vote for vegetables farm next season

Home Page

  • Explore the app

  • Read articles about composting and plants

Share Page

  • View each people's composting attributes points

  • View the share history

  • Track the vegetable delivery

Profile Page

  • Common profile function


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