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COPO  World:

Kitchen Waste Recycling

Sustainable Innovative Design

Product design for waste recycling experience

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COPO  World:

Urban Composting helps people

UI/UX Design

Service that benefits communities, residents and farmers

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COPO  World:

Community Farm Business

Strategy Design & UI/UX design

Service system that benefits communities, residents and farmers

Gardening Education and Volunteer Opportunity 

UI Design

Provide knowledge to help with climate change

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Breathing On Mars

Speculative Design & Service Design

Human establish a symbiotic relationship with plants on Mars

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Mental Shelter

Experience Design & Interactive Design

Service that support homeless people physically and mentally

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Truth & Fact

Installation Interactive Project

Helping people find the truth in their own hearts


Michigan’s Water Infrastructure Problem

Contextual Inquiry and Consulting

Looking for opportunities to help with funding gap problem


Contextual Inquiry and Consulting

Needs assessment and usability evaluation for website

Now working...

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